Salt Lake City, February 21-26

Salt Lake City, February 21-26

After a fast, amazing weekend in Zion National Park, we arrived in Salt Lake City after a beautiful but snowy drive north that took a bit longer than planned. It was absolutely worth it. We arrived in the evening and met Cameron’s brother Greg for a quick bite. Greg spends the ski season in Salt Lake due to the amazing snow conditions and nearby resorts and we were happy to get to spend time with him.

The sheer size of the greater SLC area was a huge surprise to us. Somehow, we had pictured a smaller version of the city with much less sprawl, yet still surrounded by the majestic snowy mountains.

Our cute, homey Airbnb was in downtown and getting around was pretty easy. We had ordered a replacement bike for Adrian that he was (and still is) excited about. With so many neat areas still to explore on this trip, we were hopeful that a city of this size would have some bike options for Cameron as well, despite a severe shortage of bicycles due to the pandemic. A great tip from our AirBnB host had us in a great local bike shop with an amazing selection. Cameron matched with a fantastic bike and we made plans to pick it up on the way out of town. Knowing that some epic mountain biking destinations were in our path, this was important to us.

In the meantime, work was awaiting us both, knowing we were planning to take Wednesday off to ski. A fun time was had by all, and it was Adrian’s first time ever skiing a big, western ski area. Needless to say, he is hooked!

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