2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

Wow! Looking back on 2021, there is a lot to say. On the one hand, an epidemic was going on and with it, much uncertainty. But for us, the year held mostly promise. It started off with us as newlyweds embarking on an epic trip across the western United States. What an adventure! After spending almost every minute together in tight spaces for three months, we knew we wanted even more. 

After returning to Knoxville, we buckled down and returned to our routine at home. This involved some return to the office for Adrian and Cameron completing her DNP project proposal and getting back into the hospital setting as a graduate teaching assistant. Also, we continued our stint as home remodeling “experts”, completing a kitchen and laundry room redo and Cameron planted and maintained an impressive garden.

We managed to do a few side trips along the way:

  • Mother’s Day in Crystal River, Saint Augustine, and Gainesville, Florida
  • Big South Fork camping and trail work in June
  • Lake Jocassee  camping in July
  • Adrian went to Arizona in September

We had several family members visit along the way as well. Then, in December, we left for another epic trip- Mexico!

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